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There's Just Something About NW Wisconsin


When You Say W-I-S-C-O-N-S-I-N...you said it all!

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I just posted a some words about this website on my blog, Lawn Chairs in My Living Room.  Please check it out!  :-) 


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Cowtown / Livery: Lovely

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I recently spent a lovely evening at the Livery in Eau Claire. I was impressed with the genuine enthusiasm and helpful nature of the staff. I had no idea how many friends I would be dining with that gorgeous Saturday night, but the servers were ready and willing to accommodate any number that turned up.

Although there are many popular places that I have patronized which use the basic historical structure of the property as a backdrop of its current use, I never get tired of it. The adv...

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Oakwood Mall

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Shoppers? You know what to do!


Eau Claire Schools

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Not only does Eau Claire have a very good public school system, there are also several private school options.

The public school district information can be found here:


Exercising open enrollment offers parents in Wisconsin a great opportunity to find an educational environment that best suits the needs of their children. The window for making those choices is Feb. 7 - 25, 2011. For more information, please see my diigo li...

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